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Friday, March 21, 2008

Peter Bjorn and John's Young Folks - awesome song..

I was watching Journeyman episode 2... and at the end , this song played... it sounds so damn familiar.. and catchy.. and nice.. i had to look for it.. after like 15 minutes looking all over... i managed to download the song and decided to post a blog about it..

so because i love the song so much , here's the video...the music video and the live performance... not bad...

Here's wat i got from wikipedia..

"Young Folks" is the first single from Peter Bjorn and John's third album Writer's Block, released in 2006. The single features Victoria Bergsman of The Concretes as a guest vocalist.

Here's how well-used the song is.. this is the list of where the song is being used ..
"Young Folks" has been featured in:

* the Nip/Tuck episode "Dawn Budge II"
* the Las Vegas episode "The Glass Is Always Cleaner"
* the Journeyman episode "Friendly Skies"
* the series premiere of Dirty Sexy Money
* the series premiere of Gossip Girl
* the series premiere of Big Shots
* the Grey's Anatomy episode Let the Angels Commit (also in the Volume 3 soundtrack released September 11th 2007)
* the How I Met Your Mother episode "Monday Night Football", which aired February 5, 2007
* the weather lady's entrance in "Le Grand Journal" on Canal+
* the Stromberg episode "Lulu"
* the German Sat.1 TV series Two Funny as main theme song
* the video was played during MTV's 24 Hours of Human Giant
* the fashion show for Chanel's Spring/Summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection
* the fashion show for Banana Republic's Spring 2007 collection
* MTV Australia's Christmas Throwie campaign, which consisted of throwing 2000 glowing LEDs to light up Sydney buildings
* an advertisement for Sky Movies recent re-launch
* an advertisement for Napster
* an advertisement for Belgium internet provider Telenet
* an advertisement for Portuguese mobile operator Optimus
* an advertisement for the CBS series, "The Big Bang Theory"
* an advertisement, directed by Terri Timely, for Amazon.com
* an advertisement, directed by Jonathan Notaro & Jens Gehlhaar and titled "Band Posters", for AT&T
* an advertisement, directed by Ulf Johansson and titled "Unstoppable", for Budweiser
* three advertisements, directed by Ace Norton and titled "Farm/Les maraîchers", "City", and "Mermaid/Beach", for French supermarket chain Champion
* an in-store advertisement for American Eagle Outfitters
* an Australian advertisement for Californication
* Promotional material for the Great British Beer Festival[3]
* Theme song for the Danmarks Radio (Denmark's national TV-station) series "Chris og Chokoladefabrikken"
* the video game FIFA 08
* Main theme in "Cuestión de sexo", a Spanish series on Cuatro
* Several adverts, and within episodes of Channel 4's Skins
* Part of the "Intro's" round on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (E21S03)
* Parodied on Canadian French-language public broadcaster Radio-Canada Television's end-of-year bash Le Bye-Bye de RBO, December 31, 2007 as "Young Porks", a song about junk food abuse, complete with video

* no wonder the song sounds familiar... :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

With Valid Licenses to Hunt - Wild Boar Slaughtered Part 2

Here's more pictures of the babi hutans... Viewer Discretion is Advised!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iPhone is not available in Malaysia YET!!!

too all you people who wants the iPhone , please bear in mind that it's not freaking available in ASIA just yet... watever phone that you see people selling or using , it's considered as parallel imported units.. and they are already being tampered with... it's either software of hardware unlocked.. those versions are not covered under the Apple's warranty.. so no matter how fucking cool you look when you're using the iPhone , if you face any problem , you can come to us (apple resellers) for help.. but if we can't help you much , don't show temper and shit.. it's pointless... the buttons don't work?? send it back to Apple US laa.. see what they've got to say...

and for those who wants to know.. we have no freaking idea on who's gonna be the service provider for the iPhone or how much it'll cost when it arrives.. we don't even know when it's gonna be launched here... so if you guys want to be updated , leave your email or contact to your favourite apple guys... they'll be more than happy to update you ...

as far as the rumors go , the new iPhones will have 3G and bigger capacity (ipod touch already has got 32GB..) ... so WAIT FOR IT!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

With Valid Licenses to Hunt - Wild Boar Slaughtered Part 1

As I promised earlier , here's the pictures i took during the chinese new year earlier this year back at my hometown.. we were getting ready to go back to KL when we saw 3-4 motorcycles passed by us with dead wild boars behind them... we proceed to where they went.. and saw the butchering of the wild boars.. for a city boy like me , this is really a one time experience...

Hardcore!! Brutal!! Gore!! Bloody!! ... it's like watching a black metal music video.. only without the music.. Enjoy!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vantage Point.. superb movie..

Yeah.. i'm a bit slow to watch the movie.. busy la lately.. but shit.. it's a damn good movie man...all of you should watch it..

the whole storyline is a bit cliche.. terrorist trying to kill the President of USA.. but it's how the whole story is being told.. from 5 different views.. from start till the end it keeps me guessing and it's just full of shitloads of action... good acting from the actors.. it felt like i'm watching an episode of 24.. where it's just action all the way.. things happens so fast.. major bombings.. crazy car chases.. unexpected mole ... FUHHHHHHhhhh....

ok.. as for the fucked up part of the movie , i think the storyline of the terrorist is a bit too shallow.. 3-4 terrorist planned the whole thing so cun-ly .. but at the end , all because of one little girl , the whole plan fails.. and i don't even know what the hell they wanna do to the president.. being as cold blooded as them , they had to avoid the little girl and caused a huge accident..

oh yeah.. a body double?? is that even real? Does our Prime Minister , Pak Lah , has got one?? ahaha.. should be cool... but i dont think there's any history of any of our prime ministers got assassinated or any plot to do so... so when will our local movie makers gonna do a movie of that sort?? baru la action packed kaw kaw... ahahha...

anyway , nice movie there... go watch it..

Directed by - Pete Travis
Produced by - Tania Landau,Ricardo Del Río
Written by - Barry Levy
Starring - Dennis Quaid,Matthew Fox,Forest Whitaker,Sigourney Weaver,William Hurt,Edgar Ramirez,Ayelet Zurer

Monday, March 3, 2008

Youth 4 Change videos..

In less than a week's time , responsible and eligible Malaysian voters will be making decisions... it's somehow exciting..

and my friend told me about these videos.. interesting videos..done in a familiar Apple's ads way... posted up by the guys from Youth 4 Change Malaysia .... check it out...


Setem YB

Ubah Gaya Hidup

YB vs Blogger

Sunday, March 2, 2008

- Lights part 2 -

More pictures of lights i captured... hmmm...