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Friday, February 29, 2008

Apple's Latest MacBook and MacBook Pro's Price in Malaysia

Apple's MacBook ProApple's MacBook

New Mac Book
MB402ZP/A @ RM3,899
MB403ZP/A @ RM4,599
MB404ZP/A @ RM5,299

New MacBook Pro
MB133ZP/A @ RM6,999
MB134ZP/A @ RM8,699
MB166ZP/A @ RM9,699

Old Mac Book (End of life)
MB061ZP/B @ RM3,599
MB062ZP/B @ RM3,999
MB063ZP/B @ RM4,299

Old MacBook Pro (End of life)
MA895ZP/A @ RM5,799
MA896ZP/A @ RM6,499
MA897ZP/A @ RM8,799

Apple's MacBook Air - RM 6299 !!!

iPod Shuffle 1GB - RM189 (damn good price dey!!!)

*enquiries : jason@maccity.com.my

More pictures and review soon... very soon...i'm now testing the MacBook Air's awesomeness!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

- Lights part 1-

I've always been interested in lights captured in photographs... how it bends, loops , repeats itself... the randomness , the art , the mixture of colours.. just pure beauty of how the lights sway and dance in the dark...only to be captured through the lense

here's some...

* i don't think there's any rights or wrongs about how to do it... i don't think there's a right technique to do it too... but please do correct me if i'm wrong.. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mr 'Porn Pilot' , you're in deep deep shittttttt... ahahaha..

i was browsing some blogs (local blogs are full of the latest , hotest stories around... i don't really need to read the newspaper anymore.. :) ) and came across there 2 blogs.. Mental Jog and Rocky's Bru

Here's from The Star

here's apparently an email received by Mental Jog....


From: Captain Reinu
To: zakaria@mot.gov.my
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 8: 56 AM

Dear Datuk,

Hope you are well .

Just to inform you that the Malaysian Airlines pilot recently convicted in Australia for possession of child pornography is a declared Malay, Muslim , AHMAD SHAUQI BIN AHMAD SAID, staff number 1086993 and is non other than the son of the Director General of the Anti- Corruption Agency of Malaysia , DATUK SERI PANGLIMA HAJI AHMAD SAID BIN HAMDAN who has himself come to a CORRUPT agreement with IDRIS JALA , the Managing Director and others in Malaysia Airlines , ‘ not to take disciplinarry action as required in the company policy ‘ against his son for his criminal conviction.

I will be forwarding this information worldwide to educate them on the state of affairs in Malaysia and they can evaluate for themselves the Government’s declarations of truth , cleanliness, transparency, Islam Had etc. Drugs was one thing but sometimes , this child porn strikes different cords ! ! ! ! ! Who cares about technicalities ?

I guess god is helping me to punish the criminals who have tried to destroy me and my family for being professional. God must also realise that I was also injured for being INDIAN in MALAYSIA .

Thank you

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan


Day by day , more and more shit seem to appear out of nowhere to create such interesting dramas... 25 year old Mas Pilot kena caught with these stuff overseas.. hmmm... life is just filled with surprises..

*update -

His name is Syauqi Ahmad Said

Syauqi-pervert co pilot from taman tun dr ismail... hmmmm....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Langkawi Trip Pictures Part 1

damnit.. i had to sort through thousands of photos.. and it's not fun.. ahhaha.. taking the pics is fun though... anyway , these are some of the pictures from my Langkawi trip with my family before chinese new year.. nothing fancy... just some pictures.. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New RM50?? damnit...

well... if you've been reading my previous posts , you'll know that i've been away for about a week now... and with no internet.. no friends to tell me what's happening... so i didn't know about the new RM50 note... ahaha...

and today , one of my customer gave me a few old notes and 1 new note , as i counted it... i wanted to return back the money to customer to say that it's not a valid note (i thought it was come other countries currency.... come on.. my customer spoke in a weird english accent...) ... but before i make an ass out of myself , i noticed RM50 written on it... and asked my colleague instead.. and he did clarify that it's the new legal RM50 note.. huhu..

My opinion , the new note looks good.. looks solid... looks kindda modernish.. liked it...

here's some pics.. for people who are like me.. who didn't have the time to read up on the latest happenings in the country.. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Mum , My Sis , and Edison Chen..

busy .. busy .. busy..

Busy working since i got back... lepak with girlfriend.. visited friends.. gambled for fun.. for the past 2 days.. and most importantly.. searched for Edison Chen's sex scandal pics.. ahahha..

and NO.. i wasn't that desperate wanting to know.. suprisingly it's my mum.. ahahha..because her friends saw it already.. and she's bugging me to look for it.. and yeah.. it's pretty easy to find on the net .... and yeah.. my sis and my mum saw them... and naturally they got disgusted..

as for me , ..... that's another story...

* I didn't know GIllian was that 'hot'... hmmmm.. interesting... i felt bad for Cecelia... and man.. she looks like shit.. and Edison ... ahahha.. you're sick in a way that Rajen would respect!!! ahaha

Sunday, February 10, 2008

back to reality...

i'm back ... back to home.. back to work.. haigh.. but it's alright.. looking at how i rested , enjoyed , got drunk , ate , slept , for the past week... ahaha.. first 3 days went off to langkawi , then got back and worked half day and headed off to Telemong , Pahang... my hometown... actually it's my mum's hometown.. got back yesterday but didn't have time to sort things out... pictures are still not transfered to my PC just yet... so you guys can expect more pics and stories for the next few posts...

just some highlights of what's coming , ...... airplanes , clouds , dreadlocks , kampung , food , WILD BOARS!!! (this is hardcore!!!)

see yah...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Off to Langkawi... ehehe

At last , a family trip .. it's my first family trip i think.. not too far away.. just Langkawi.. gonna chill with my family this time around.. my bro and I will be visiting the Reggae bar.. that's a must cause my brother has got his dreadlocks to go with the theme.. ahaha.. anyway , 3 days without internet.. will be back with pictures and more... :)