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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iPhone is not available in Malaysia YET!!!

too all you people who wants the iPhone , please bear in mind that it's not freaking available in ASIA just yet... watever phone that you see people selling or using , it's considered as parallel imported units.. and they are already being tampered with... it's either software of hardware unlocked.. those versions are not covered under the Apple's warranty.. so no matter how fucking cool you look when you're using the iPhone , if you face any problem , you can come to us (apple resellers) for help.. but if we can't help you much , don't show temper and shit.. it's pointless... the buttons don't work?? send it back to Apple US laa.. see what they've got to say...

and for those who wants to know.. we have no freaking idea on who's gonna be the service provider for the iPhone or how much it'll cost when it arrives.. we don't even know when it's gonna be launched here... so if you guys want to be updated , leave your email or contact to your favourite apple guys... they'll be more than happy to update you ...

as far as the rumors go , the new iPhones will have 3G and bigger capacity (ipod touch already has got 32GB..) ... so WAIT FOR IT!!!!!

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