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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter - Follow me ...

yeah... in case you didn't know , i'm on Twitter as well... so , follow me now.. :)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day 'N' Night (Official Music Video)

nothing much to post lately.. here's something for you ppl to munch on...

Kid Cudi!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wanted : Female / Male Model for Wedding-Theme shoot

There'll be an event focusing on a professional photography software .. The event is mainly targeted to wedding photographers..

So I need models who are interested to pose as wedding couples. I will be needing 2 couples (2 male , 2 females). Venue should be in KL area. Only 1 venue. Wedding clothing will be provided. Lunch provided. Transportation can be arranged. Date is currently fixed to the 19th May 2009 (Tuesday) ... time : 8am - 12pm

Please provide me with your contact details if you're interested. Email me the following details.

Name :
Age :
IC :
Expected Pay :

* If there's any portfolio of your work / latest pic , please do attach is in the email.
** Age is not a problem as long as you have a 'mature' look (it's a wedding-themed thinggy anyway)
*** If there's any questions , please email it to me.

My email add : jason.mindspace@gmail.com

more details here....

almost 2 weeks

it's almost been 2 weeks since i last posted anything... damnit..

lately , didn't have much time to blog... didn't have anything for me to rant or rave about...

gonna need more chaos in my life... to make it more interesting...

who's got extra chaos in their life to spare??

come gimme some!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Words of Osho Regarding Pain...

I've been reading Osho's work for a good few years now.. since 17 years old.. and I have to thank my student at that time for letting me borrow his mum's Osho book.. and every now and then , i'll flip through the pages and try to blend in Osho's teachings and everything else that I know.. here's something by him on pain..

"This pain is not to make you sad, remember. That's where
people go on missing.... This pain is just to make you
more alert--because people become alert only when the arrow
goes deep into their heart and wounds them. Otherwise they
don't become alert. When life is easy, comfortable, convenient,
who cares? Who bothers to become alert? When a friend dies,
there is a possibility. When your woman leaves you alone--those
dark nights, you are lonely. You have loved that woman so much
and you have staked all, and then suddenly one day she is gone.
Crying in your loneliness, those are the occasions when,
if you use them, you can become aware.
The arrow is hurting: it can be used. The pain is not to make you miserable, the pain is to make you more aware! And when you are aware, misery disappears."

From Take it Easy, Volume 2 Chapter 12

More on OSHO !!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Latest Obsession - Summer Wine

I think this is the original song.. sung by Nancy Sintra and Lee Hazlewood

and this is another cover by The Corrs and Bono..

and this is the version that got me hooked to this song.. Ville Valo and Natalia Avalon .. personally i think this version is damn sexy... not just because of Natalia Avalon in that video..( she is super sexy in it .. both with and without clothes on.. :P ) ... Ville Valo's voice is deep and sexy.. and he reminds me of Johnny Depp .. enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Caring Friends on April Fool's Day 2009.. ahaha..

I had no intention to do this but I got inspired by my dear friend , Joshua Chay.. He pranked his friends on FB about a crashed HD... so I decided to do something to my CARING friends on Facebook too.. ahaha.. just read the screen shots.. ahaha.. i love it.. 

EZTV doing an April Fool's Day???

i'm not sure... it's the 1st of April for them... so.. now it has changed to a sports-torrents only??? emmm... let's see if they change back to the normal tv-series thinggy tomorrow...

I don't mind the sports thing.. i mean I can download some basketball games or something.. but i still need my fix on all the series which i'm following at the moment.. such as 24, heroes , lie to me , house , The Listener , Dollhouse .. bla bla bla...

hahhh... see la how it goes..


* Edit : Here's the 'usual' EZTV page ...