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Friday, October 12, 2012

Deathcore Is Sexy : Facebook Page / Blog

For the thousands of people who came across my blog after searching for Deathcore is Sexy , they're officially no longer in action... check out their blog here... http://deathcoreis-still-sexy.blogspot.com/

But here's their facebook page ... check them out here... Deathcore Is Still Sexy

Not sure if they're still reading  their emails... but here's what they have on their facebook page...

If you are a band, or from a label, and you wish to have music uploaded to this blog, or taken down, send an email to the following email: disrequests@gmail.com

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan : JB , KK , Kuching

Awesome duck rice @ JB

 Cheap and delicious seafood ... where else if not in KK, Sabah

 Super fresh prawns ... KK, Sabah

 Crazy ass lok-lok truck at JB ...

 More selections from the lok-lok truck

 The always-awesome Kolok Mee @ Kuching , Sarawak... different style... a little bit spicy

Apparently one of the best bitter gourd soup around JB... which is really good...