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Monday, March 10, 2008

Vantage Point.. superb movie..

Yeah.. i'm a bit slow to watch the movie.. busy la lately.. but shit.. it's a damn good movie man...all of you should watch it..

the whole storyline is a bit cliche.. terrorist trying to kill the President of USA.. but it's how the whole story is being told.. from 5 different views.. from start till the end it keeps me guessing and it's just full of shitloads of action... good acting from the actors.. it felt like i'm watching an episode of 24.. where it's just action all the way.. things happens so fast.. major bombings.. crazy car chases.. unexpected mole ... FUHHHHHHhhhh....

ok.. as for the fucked up part of the movie , i think the storyline of the terrorist is a bit too shallow.. 3-4 terrorist planned the whole thing so cun-ly .. but at the end , all because of one little girl , the whole plan fails.. and i don't even know what the hell they wanna do to the president.. being as cold blooded as them , they had to avoid the little girl and caused a huge accident..

oh yeah.. a body double?? is that even real? Does our Prime Minister , Pak Lah , has got one?? ahaha.. should be cool... but i dont think there's any history of any of our prime ministers got assassinated or any plot to do so... so when will our local movie makers gonna do a movie of that sort?? baru la action packed kaw kaw... ahahha...

anyway , nice movie there... go watch it..

Directed by - Pete Travis
Produced by - Tania Landau,Ricardo Del Río
Written by - Barry Levy
Starring - Dennis Quaid,Matthew Fox,Forest Whitaker,Sigourney Weaver,William Hurt,Edgar Ramirez,Ayelet Zurer