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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missing Boot Camp from some MacBooks with Pre-Installed Leopard... :(

I've recently discovered that there's a batch of MacBooks with preinstalled Leopard but without Boot Camp Assistant installed. All I've got to say is that it's a pain in the ass... i've tried from installing the boot camp assistant from the original Disk 1 that comes with the MacBook... and I've even tried clean installing a fresh Leopard from the disks provided when u get a MacBook...

Both gave disappointing results.. first of all... you're able to run Boot Camp Assistant.. and partition your hard drive and even successfully install Windows on that partition... the problem is when you start up the machine and press the 'alt/option' key to enable you to choose which OS to boot up from... it only shows the Mac's OS and you can't even see the Windows partition...

The only solution so far is to tell people that , the MacBook will be set to boot up from Windows.. and if there's a need to boot up in Mac , just hold on to the 'alt/option' key to boot up from Mac OS... ridiculously stupid if you ask me.. hmmmm....

here's where you can find Boot Camp installer if you happen to own a MacBook like the ones i mentioned...

/Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages/BootCamp.pkg

Monday, November 26, 2007

People are no longer afraid of the government....

i think 2007 is a year where the 'rakyat' really gave the government headaches and this year is where alot of political 'agendas' crept out of the closets... with things going on like the malaysian cyberspace thinggy where bloggers blog about political problems here and there...which ended up getting a few bloggers caught... then recently with the rally (Bersih , Hindraf) ... even the 'Lingam' case is a problem for the government.. and of course not forgetting the bombing of the Mongolian , Altantuya , i can't remember the rest of this year's events ...

but things are definitely 'shaky' for the government.. there's alot to be said and done to the public ... Election is around the corner... alot of people are ready to vote now... :)

people are no longer afraid of the government .... hmmm... time to watch V for Vendetta again... yeah..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

MacAsia @ One Utama - Clearance SALE!!!!

Just to inform you guys that MacAsia One Utama is having a crazy sale... but only for accessories for older models of iPods and laptops... it's all in the RM20!!! bin... you'll notice the 'bin' once you enter the shop..

here are just some of the accessories available.. these accessories for the 1st Gen ipod shuffle is the original accessories.. original from Apple..

and these are from Kroo.. for 1st gen ipod Nano and 5th gen ipod video..

So.. HURRY!!! drop by MacAsia One Utama now!!! ehehe...

*there's still some Demo unit of the iMac 17'' 1.83GHz Superdrive going for RM 3000 and the MacMini 1.5GHz Combo going for RM 1000!!!! - you guys need to be fast for these demo machines...

what do Kate Bush , Within Temptation and Placebo have in common??

Nothing in terms of musical genre.. but all three of them have recorded the song , Running Up That Hill... originally it's sung by Kate Bush.. and it is covered by both Within Temptation and Placebo... and here's the videos of the 3 versions...

First of , of course it'll be Kate Bush's version.. this is the original version.. this version is a more disco-ish since it's from the 80's.. but the music video is seriously intense .. thanks to the nicely choreographed dance moves... and it sort of gets creepy towards the end.. ahaha.. it's good..

Some details of Kate Bush (taken from wikipedia)

Kate Bush
Kate Bush about to perform at Comic Relief 1986
Kate Bush about to perform at Comic Relief 1986
Background information
Birth name Catherine Bush
Born 30 July 1958 (1958-07-30) (age 49)
Origin Bexleyheath, Kent, England
Genre(s) Alternative rock, Art rock, Pop rock, New Wave
Occupation(s) Musician, vocalist, songwriter, record producer
Instrument(s) Vocals, piano, keyboards, didgeridoo
Years active 1975–present
Label(s) EMI
Website www.katebush.com

Next up is Within Temptation's version.. this version starts off with an medieval/irish/folk sounding intro.. which leads to the 'gothic metal' that the band is famous for.. the video is so-so... the eye makeup on Sharon den Adel reminds me of the Hong Kong singer , Faye Wong ,

more info on within temptation from Wikipedia...

Within Temptation
van Veen, van Haestregt, Jolie, Spierenburg, den Adel, Westerholt.
van Veen, van Haestregt, Jolie, Spierenburg, den Adel, Westerholt.
Background information
Origin The Netherlands
Genre(s) Symphonic Metal
Gothic Metal
Years active 1996 – present
Label(s) DSFA Records
Gun Records
Roadrunner Records
Website within-temptation.com
Ruud Adrianus Jolie
Jeroen van Veen
Stephen van Haestregt
Sharon den Adel
Martijn Spierenburg
Robert Westerholt

Lastly , the best version of the song for me is the one covered by Placebo... very nice depressing electronic/trip-hop - influenced track... beautiful vocals by Brian Molko , ... if you guys have heard Placebo before this , you'll recognize his unique style of vocals.. the video apparently is a collection of videos provided by fans singing the song.. cleverly edited to achieve the look and feel of the down tempo version of this song...

more info on Placebo from Wikipedia..
Placebo at Coachella Festival, April 29, 2007.
Background information
Origin London, England
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 1994–Present
Label(s) EMI
Virgin Records (current), Hut Records, Caroline Records
Website Placeboworld.co.uk
Brian Molko
Stefan Olsdal
Former members
Robert Schultzberg (1994–1996)
Steve Hewitt (1996–2007)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rajen... the man..the master... the friend.... the sohai..

Since i don't have much to post nowadays , i'm gonna introduce a good friend of mine.. Rajen.. the manta-boy.. i'm gonna post up some videos he made from his Apple MacBook (which he didn't buy from me.. that bastard..)...

Here's one with him transforming to no other than our favourite Malaysian singer , MAWI!!!!!!! ahahhahahaha...

This is where he made himself dissapear.. or invisible.. he's so good that I can't really tell.... ahaha..

And this classic video... it's our experience driving up Genting... Way Kiat drove up.. he wanted so much to be Jay Chou in the Initial D movie , he started driving like him.. with his satria.. though the video's quality is very bad , pay attention to the audio... there'll be a part where we drove quite fast and tried to drift ... but sadly , we skidded to the side of the road... almost died when a lorry managed to avoid us from the back.. Rajen is sitting in from on the passenger seat and I'm sitting behind... laughing my ass off... ahahha.. good times...