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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Priest with 666 tattoed , driving Lexus & BMW , wearing Rolex... what the HELL??

I just read about this priest , Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda , ... after reading about it... it seems that there are seriously dumb fucks around who will believe anything that they want... let me give you a few points here..

* He says he is God.
* Followers have protested Christian churches in Miami and Latin America, disrupting services and smashing crosses and statues of Jesus.
* De Jesus preaches there is no devil and no sin. His followers, he says, literally can do no wrong in God's eyes.
* The church calls itself the "Government of God on Earth" and uses a seal similar to the United States.
* he has a church-paid salary of $136,000
* he showed off a diamond-encrusted Rolex to a CNN crew and said he has three just like them
* He travels in armored Lexuses and BMWs, he says, for his safety

read about him here... and check out the video... his followers really went and got themselves tattooed with the number 666

**Did you know that the fear of the number six-hundred and sixty-six is called Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia ???

Monday, July 30, 2007

Great Vocalist with an awesome voice... love him..

My friend , Nazri , intorduced me to this dude... classic... check him out...

introducing STEELHEART frontman Mike Matijevic....

Friday, July 27, 2007

iPhone..my first upclose experience..

I just saw the phone that's got the whole world talking.. of course it's the Apple iPhone.. so one of my customer came in looking for an accesory for his 'ipod'.. he was looking for the iPod socks.. and he wanted to try it on so that it fits.. then he took out his iPhone..

my first reaction was of course 'Wow.. iPhone... nice...' ... ahahhaa... most of you knew that the iPhone won't be here anytime soon.. because Apple will only be launching it early next year in Asia.. he was kind enough to let us play around with it...

Anyways , the iPhone that I saw can't make nor receive calls.. that's because the iPhone is locked to AT&T network in the US.. but suprisingly everything else works.. all I need to do is to log in to a WIFI network and ... i can surf the net.. smoothly..

The 'pinching' effect is damn cool.. zooming in and out is so easy.. if the vertical view is too small for viewing , turn it sideways.. and you'll have a 'widescreen' view.. browsing the web is so easy.. and it's Safari.. so you do get a full feature of what a browser should be...Maps works well too..

The camera works too.. 2MP .. you can take pictures with it.. even landscape view... too bad it can't capture videos.. but viewing pictures , watching videos.. no problem... if you saw any promo videos on the iPhone , you'll notice how to navigate through a stock pile of pictures.. it's where you put your finger on the touch screen and just 'flip' through your collection... it works SMOOTHLY!!! it's so smooth doing that... it felt so good doing that.. ahahhaha... if only all electronic devices has that feature.. it's also a full feature iPod.. and basically you can't go wrong with something like the 'finger-action' to work with Cover Flow...

Nice things I like about the iPhone ,
*full screen
*touch screen (i'm in love with the 'finger-action')
*Built-in Safari
*normal view and 'widescreen' view for internet browsing , photos , music and videos..
*iPod features
*the size of the iPhone is just nice..
*solid touch screen

Not so nice things that I found out ... so far..
*typing needs practise..
*the earphones jack is fucked-up.. it's hard to explain.. basically not every earphones/headphones jack can be used.. the port is fitted deeper in the iPhone's body..(Apple's earphone's jack are slim ..)
*slightly on the heavy side

Below are 2 picture of it.. taken with my phone..not much details on the pictures though..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm getting a messsage from God - Must buy Nike Air Force 1

Some of you might know that I wanted to get a pair of AF1.. 2 days back , I checked with Nike in 1 Utama... the shoe is really cool.. but the price is a bit steep for me.. I fell in love with a brown colour pair of AF1 which will cost me RM899.. crap man.. ahha.. but of course there are cheaper ones.. but anyway ,

yesterday , I received an email from a friend of mine ... an email with poster attachments on Nike products... he didn't know that I was interested in Nike.. but that's besides the point...

Today , I met a friend of mine , Din (not Dinesh) ... and apparently he's really into AF1 which I didn't know.. but he was wearing a 'pasar malam' version la.. he has got at least 3 pairs of it...

so really think that God is trying to say something to me... which is to get a pair of Air Force 1... makes sense or not?? sometimes certain things work in mysterious ways... subtle.. subliminal ... but obvious hints... I will get a pair... most definitely.. for now , enjoy these pictures..

Friday, July 20, 2007

My collection of NIKE Air Force 1

I've got my own collection of the Air Force 1 now... you too can have one.. ahahha... it's here..


I've got this from a friend of mine... ahahhaa....it's for all you Malaysian Football fans..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Album Reviews... Deadlock , Means , Tusk , Point Blanc

Deadlock - Earth.Revolt -> This is their 2005 album. They have got a 2007 release (Wolves) but I havent got it yet... Will get it soon... Anyway , Deadlock is very much a melodic death metal band... what's cool with them is the integration of the 'modern classical' feel in their music.. you know.. the normal huge strings section , the grand piano lines ... What's weird is that , there's this song , Harmonic , which is a piano-only song with a female vocals... it sounds so POP.. it's not goth or metal or anything near rock... it sounds like some cheesy Pop song.. other than that , they sound almost like any other death metal bands out there... I dare to say that inFlames is a big influence to them as well...

Means - Sending You Strength -> 4-piece band from Canada... playing Hardcore.. that's what they say... for me , Hardcore would be Pro-Pain , Biohazard , Earth Crisis , even Snapcase... Means has got the hardcore feel in their music... but only on certain parts like the vocals , backing vocals , and cool breakdowns... but riffs-wise , it's a lil bit too melodic to be hardcore.. and most of the vocals part are too 'soft'.. But overall , it's an easy listening album...melodic hardcore?? melodic metalcore?? this album won't make much impact in anyones life ...

Tusk - Tree of No Return -> If there's a band whos musical genre can't be described by words by me , it would definitely be Tusk... it seems that this is a concept album.. where the whole idea of the album is someone being lost in the woods.. so imagine that you're lost in the woods alone... in the dark , with loads of weird noises , adrenaline pumping every 3 seconds , confused , scared , LOST!!!... so this album is crazy.. with influences from both end of the musical spectrum... soft guitars to grinding double pedal 'noise' .. from Explosions in The Sky to Converge in a mere split second... imagine the chaos in the album...it has only 5 songs.. 5 conceptual songs which is not all that comfortable to listen to if you really get into the mood... One of the better albums I've heard so far.. * Tusk features a few guys from Pelican.. i think they are Pre-Pelican ...

Point Blanc - Straight To The Point -> If you read my views on his latest Ipohmali video , I said that I was interested in the outro where he raps in Cantonese... And because of that , I bought his album yesterday.. i was suprised... half of it is in Chinese.. and it's cleverly labeled as East for the first half (chinese stuff) and West for the rest (English stuff) it's only going for RM19.90. It's really not bad... I enjoyed the songs.. especially his Chinese songs.. such as KL Lheng Chai , Banana , Meng Wan and Chan Cheng.. He sounds like LMF ... but LMF started the whole chinese rap thing... it's like a standard.. anyone who raps in Chinese will be compared to LMF.. so I'll leave out the comparison thing... The album features quite a number of guest artistes.. such as jacklyn Victor (malaysian idol) , MC Yan (LMF) ,some DJs and lots of other local rappers...
His Cantonese sounds weird.. not 100% fluent... but it can be understood..he sang mainly about the Malaysian Chinese lifestyle in KL , money , Nike Air Force 1 , Mitsubishi's Evo , Jack Daniels , LV , Clubbing , Kaw Lui and bla bla bla... The beats sound good.. the album is not boring.. There's skits here and there... some are funny ... some are lame but funny... some are just shoutouts...
I bought the album because I think it's great for someone to rap in chinese... I bought the album because he's chinese.. I'm still a METALHEAD!!!.. no doubt about it... you won't be seeing me in Bling Blings ever.. but Point Blanc did get me interested in Nike's Air Force 1... (nice shoes...)

This is a sample of Point Blanc's rap in his latest solo debut , Straight To The Point... I did this in like 20 minutes.. so don't complain..

Click here to get your own player.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Point Blanc - Ipod Mali (Video)

I like metal music.. anytime , anyday... but once in a while , I'll check out other music.. and I love my country , Malaysia... so this time around , I'll show you guys this dude by the name of Nicholas Brian Ong aka Point Blanc , formerly of Poetic Ammo fame..

this dude is not too bad... he's a malaysia chinese with a 'slang'... it's hip-hop.. you need to have some kind of slang in your music... and He's rapping about Ipoh.. a town in Malaysia..the video starts off about how he went against his mum's idea of becoming a rapper in KL....then he went on rapping about how he did his hip hop thingy since the beginning... , about everyone else was wearing Airwalks and he's only wearing Bata (super cool...) , something about ipoh's famous chicken rice the song features Malaysian Idol , Jacklyn Victor as well...that's double cool...

and if you check out the outro of the video , he'll start rapping in Cantonese (LMF???).. triple cool... ahahha... I'm loving the outro..talking about KL kids not having enough money to go out lepak!!! I might even buy his album because of the cantonese rapping thing.... :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

I want Hannah Tan...

The following is taken from blabbermouth.net...

Launch Radio Networks reports: The new SMASHING PUMPKINS album, "Zeitgeist", features Paris Hilton in a series of photographs in the CD booklet, taken by PUMPKINS leader Billy Corgan himself. Hilton's face also adorns the cover of the band's U.K. single for the song "Tarantula". Corgan explained how he got the notorious party girl and ex-con to pose for him. "Actually the original idea was we were gonna see if Lindsey, Britney and Paris would all shoot," he said. "But ultimately we decided that that was probably gonna be too prohibitive 'cause then you would get into, like, those girls fighting amongst each other. Paris I knew personally, and hung out with her a few times, and so I asked her. I said, 'Would you be willing to do this?'And God bless her, she came, she showed up at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, sat in the chair, got made up and shot her. So anybody who thinks that those aren't real photos, those are real. We took those photos."............

and everyone on the internet is talking about that... great marketing tool... a hot celebrity on your album/EP cover... that's clever...it will surely confuse and entice some Paris Hilton fans to buy the album...

Looks like I need to be friends with Hannah Tan now... hopefully she lets me take her BEAUTIFUL photos for my band's upcoming EP cover and inlay...

anyone knows her personally?? care to intro to me??

Isn't she hot???....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

When 2 genres become 1...

Melodic metal and 'Trance' ??? YEAH!!... this is wat you get... i never would have thought that a metal song can contain a Cher-like effect on the vocals... but these guys did it... Respect!!

Blood Stain Child are a Japanese band anyway , I've got their older stuff too... i would say that they're an InFlames rip-off... but hell , they managed to combine trance... not Static X's kindda electronica-metal... but Trance... it makes it sound so good that you can actually 'shuffle' and headbang at the same time... ahahhaha..

I'll do a review on their album when i get hold of their latest album... :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SingFest , Fort Canning Park , Singapore , 08 Aug - 09 Aug 2007 SingFest , Fort Canning Park , Singapore , 08 Aug - 09 Aug 2007

I heard about Avenged Sevenfold touring in Asia , stopping by Singapore... it's not like they are my favourite band , but it's not like these people drop by asia every month... so Nieukey checked on the details yesterday and he told me that the tickets will cost us $75 each... it sounds reasonable.... BUT...

I checked today , it's actually part of Singfest , a 'rock' festival which features artists below...


8th August
The Stranglers
Cyndi Lauper
Pet Shop Boys
Sugar Ray
Sasha Bach Band

9th August
Gym Class Heroes
Avenged SevenFold
The Academy Is
The Noisettes
Crowned King
Cobra Starship
One Buck Short
Great Spy Experiment

and the ticket price is ,

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)

Standard - S$200
(Early bird at $150 ONLY)

DAMNITTTTTTTTTT....!!! our plans rosak already... it's double of what we initially thought... DAMNIT...!!! so we're still thinking about it... the bands that I'm interested in are Avenged Sevenfold and Hinder only... haigh... decisions , decisions ...

oh yeah.. I'm open for donations if you want to donate some money...

Email me for my banking details .... :) I accept cash as well... :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

All you need is a little patience....

I'm proud to be a Malaysian... anytime... but not lately... as most of you heard , recently there's some brutal murders going on...

I wanna talk about the Korean guy who got hit repeatedly with a golf club... (some said that it was a hockey stick and there's a knife involved..)

I posted something earlier in my June 27, 2007 post... about this incident...Here's some update...

I took this from http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/7/9/nation/18250066&sec=nation

"According to new information, Lim, who had his twin brother seated in his car, was slow to move out from the parking lot and this angered the men who were waiting in the other vehicle. "

They were too slow to move out of a parking space... that angered 2 stupid fucks who ended up killing 24-year-old Lim Jong-yong ... this is ridiculous.. fucking ridiculous... can't the fuckers wait a while longer?? i can't imagine that someone got killed brutally over such small matter...

And the good news is that the second guy who fled the scene is finally caught... he's been hiding in Ipoh... i hope both of them gets hanged or serve a lifetime sentence in jail...

I heard from my mum that the body of the victim will not be released by this particular Private Hospital if no one pays for the medical bills... and it will cost the korean family a whopping 100K.... ( this information is not confirmed... my mum told me that... she reads chinese newspaper..if you guys can confirm that , let me know..)

For this not to happen in the first place , all the fucker need is a little patience... we , Malaysians , are brought up to have patience isnt??? but then again that will need another post to elaborate on that....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Got bored with your toy??? recycle!!!!

now , you've got multi-speed to brush your teeth... if you're in a hurry , set it to maximum...

Rushing to bake a cake?? set it to maximum...

ahahha... nice...


damn... i just realized that I've yet to watch Transformers... everyone i know told me that it's the best movie they've ever watched... the hype is just so great...

but damnnnn... i'm like the only sohai in Malaysia who didn't get a chance to watch yet...

MUST WATCH NEXT WEEK... then i'll blog about it.. ahhaha.. cool... chiow...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the power of iPhone...

Got this off lowyat.net ... funny...

Help me see myself!!! please...

My friend asked me the same thing... i find it quite interesting... so to those who knows me , please check it out and do that thing.... :) should be interesting...