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Friday, August 31, 2007

Rob Zombie - Halloween - Trailer

This is the trailer for the new movie , Halloween , by Rob Zombie

I think it's out in the US yesterday... looks good... bet Mr Rajen will love it... :)

a little bit more info on Rob Zombie's previous band , White Zombie ... i used to listen to them... not bad... they were unique when they came out.... but that was long time ago.. groove metal?? industrial metal?? go check him out yourself ..

More pictures of his horror-themed movies so far like The Devil's Rejects , House of a 1000 corpses... enjoy...

1 comment:

howsurmother? said...

you said mit man..hallowee is a must watch!!
too bad it's not showing in our local cinema..
now have to dl it..or buy form pasar malam...tiu.
if you's wants white zombie or rob zombie's song..i got the whole collection....and i got 14 white zombie tshirt.yeah!!!