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Friday, August 24, 2007

Corrosion of Conformity

Sometimes , most of the times , saying sorry or conforming to the rules are just not enough... no matter what you do , you'll still be wrong... haigh... baik tak payah cerita right... buat kecoh all the way from start to finish , at the end of the day , you're still considered as a menace to society la , religion la , national security la , moral issue la , EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN LA!!!

Some of the world's top pop stars are holding concerts in Muslim-majority Malaysia this year, but they're facing growing pressure to keep skimpy outfits and steamy dance moves off the stage amid protests by conservative Islamic critics who believe liberal Western performances can corrupt youths

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the country's biggest political opposition group, which accused Stefani of promoting promiscuity and corrupting youths, says it will probably protest further if Beyonce, Timberlake or Minogue perform here.

"Even with Gwen Stefani, we're not satisfied just because she covered up at the concert," said party official Kamarulzaman Mohamed. "Outside, she still wears sexy clothes and influences teenagers who idolize her. It's bad to have immoral artists visiting Malaysia."
- source

"Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said although the singer, Wee Meng Chee, a Malaysian student in Taiwan had apologised to Malaysians, the movement still considered his action to be against the law. "

“The issue is not the apology. We are all educated under the rule of law. What is an offence is still an offence,” he told reporters

*updated - a better cover story of the Namewee 'conspiracy'

- Even if Gwen wears Baju Kebaya , or Baju Kurung with tudung also sure kena tembak wan la... what's the point to bising from start if at the end she'll kena the same thing also??

- Wee Meng Chee sudah minta maaf la datuk datuk sekalian.... apa lagi yang nak diperkecohkan lagi?? ahahha... tak habis habis la...

- since an offence is still an offence , check this dude out... Datuk Zainal @ Zakaria Mat Deros and just today , 'Charges dropped against Port Klang rep Zakaria'

So , what did he do that he managed to get off the radar so smoothly?? I won't give my wild guesses here cause I'm afraid la of these cyber police people... later kena caught , have to apologize publicly , and then after that , still kena from other Datuk / religious-groups / up-coming-politician / long-time-never-hear-anything-from-politicians

hmmm.... really make me feel so proud to be a Malaysian... I'm in a land full of opportunities ... too bad I'm just a normal Chinese dude with no affiliation with any political party... thus , I don't think I'll be entitled to such opportunities ... ahahha...


TingTitLei said...

corrupt our youths? msian youths dont need westerners to corrupt them. theyre already corrupted as fuck. look at all the rempits, siapa yang influence? ok i better stop now before the cyber police hunts my ass down =D

Pookyma said...

dude.....words cant escribe how fucking stupid those people ar....rempits is george Bush influence eh tingtitlei....rempits are influenced by the west man....haha

7thlovechild said...

ahaha... Ting TIt Lei.. TIng Tit Lei.. ahahha..