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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Apple's New iMac - unboxing... pictures... :)

I got in to work sleepy today (come on... who doesnt.. ahaks ).. but my colleague and I got to setup a customer's iMac. That got us all excited. :) (we don't have any demo units at the moment) ... So I took some pictures of it to show you guys.. oh yeah... this iMac is the 20'' 2.4GHz (standard specs)

I'll start it off with this..

This is the newly designed protective 'foam' as the top over.. the 'accesories box' is inserted vertically now... more info on that later..

Finally out of the box... still wrapped up..

A bit more on the accessories box before i move on.. there's the Mighty Mouse and on the right is a piece of linen-free cloth.. i guess it's for you to wipe the glass finishing on the iMac..

The manual/softwares/dvds ... the Apple Remote...

That's how reflective the glossy screen will be...

*throughout the whole 'testing' , there'll be a sheet of 'screen protector' on the iMac.. it's already there.. provided by Apple...

System startup... forgot to time the initial boot up time.. (too excited to take pictures...)

I'm just so amazed with the design Apple managed to come out with... the aluminium enclosure on the iMac is just so sleek... and combine that with black details.. hmmm... elegant.. this is the Apple logo in black located below the display..

This is how the back of the iMac looks like... the logo is reflective... the finishing is matte on the other area..

That's the ventilation port above the power cable port on the back..

A side view comparison between the new 20" iMac and the previous 17" Intel iMac. The new iMac is so thin... :)

This is nice... previously there's like 6 screws at the bottom.. now there's only 1 screw.. didn't open it.. but it should be like the previous design where you slot additional Rams in there.. talking about the Ram , the 1GB default configuration is a 1 piece So-Dimm.. that means , there's additional 1 slot for further upgrading.. (previously it's configured as a default 2 pieces)

I didn't do any software performance test on it .. again.. this unit is a customer's unit.. so we didn't install additional softwares in it.. and didn't really played around with it much... when we do get a demo unit , I'll do a review on it..

And if you've read my previous post on the release of the iMac , you'll know how much I love the new keyboard design.. here's more pictures..

Still wrapped up..

It's thin...

It's bloody thin... love it.. :)

The 'fn' key is located above the arrow keys now.. previously only available on the laptops..

Easy access to the transport bar.. not sure if it will sync up with other softwares of not.. it should be able to.. this looks like what's available on my Creative Prodikeys

There's easy access for 'expose' and 'dashboard' .. it's not that it's not available before this.. but now it's printed on the keys.. :)

Standard sized hand on the keyboard..

ok.. that's about it... i'll post more on the softwares once I get my hand on iLife '08 or iWorks '08..

I know alot of you will start to hate your normal looking PC... well.. I know I do.. ahahah.. don't worry , you're not alone..btw , Apple machines are not expensive anymore.. it's reasonable.. but please compare an apple to an apple.. specs to specs..

here's something for you PC users... ahhaha..


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ppl...pls dun be fooled by his photo gimmicks.

it's part of his sales strategy!!!!!

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