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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reviews : Deadlock - Wolves , Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq

Deadlock - Wolves -> Just got it about a week ago.. has been listening to them almost everyday. They still retained the female vocalist , Sabine Weniger , which is a good move.. Their music sounds like any other metalcore/swedish/melodic death bands around.. but her vocals really shined.. i really liked her style.. not too rock-ish... music style again is very much melodic death/swedish/metalcore with keyboards , electronic samples... when you listen to their stuff , it will sound like something you've heard before... there's this song , Ends Begin , which has got a bad intro. The keyboard sounds like crap..it's like one of those 'Jaws' thing.. then just before the ripping guitar solo and double pedal entry , there's this 'dance' part which sounds so crappy that I laughed each time i heard that part.. in Malaysia , we call that part 'Feng Tau'... ahahhaa... overall , it's an enjoyable album to listen to..they are not that unique... and they are from Germany..

Pros : electronic influence , unique female vocals style , melodic , nice guitar riffs
Cons : sounds like everyone else...

Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq -> I've posted a video of their latest video clip before.. it's the Japanese band which fused dance with melodic metal.. and I've got their latest album.. Basically they play like a mix of all the Swedish/melodic death bands... I think I like their earlier albums better than this.. This time around , they've toned down a little.. too much electronic influence in their songs now.. But it's a very very enjoyable album to listen to.. not much interesting guitar works.. drums are constant.. there's no progression in their songs except for parts where the 'dance-music' comes in.. They are from Japan...

Pros : Nicely arranged metal+dance tracks , something fresh for me..
Cons : Too 'dancy' at times..

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