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Friday, July 27, 2007

iPhone..my first upclose experience..

I just saw the phone that's got the whole world talking.. of course it's the Apple iPhone.. so one of my customer came in looking for an accesory for his 'ipod'.. he was looking for the iPod socks.. and he wanted to try it on so that it fits.. then he took out his iPhone..

my first reaction was of course 'Wow.. iPhone... nice...' ... ahahhaa... most of you knew that the iPhone won't be here anytime soon.. because Apple will only be launching it early next year in Asia.. he was kind enough to let us play around with it...

Anyways , the iPhone that I saw can't make nor receive calls.. that's because the iPhone is locked to AT&T network in the US.. but suprisingly everything else works.. all I need to do is to log in to a WIFI network and ... i can surf the net.. smoothly..

The 'pinching' effect is damn cool.. zooming in and out is so easy.. if the vertical view is too small for viewing , turn it sideways.. and you'll have a 'widescreen' view.. browsing the web is so easy.. and it's Safari.. so you do get a full feature of what a browser should be...Maps works well too..

The camera works too.. 2MP .. you can take pictures with it.. even landscape view... too bad it can't capture videos.. but viewing pictures , watching videos.. no problem... if you saw any promo videos on the iPhone , you'll notice how to navigate through a stock pile of pictures.. it's where you put your finger on the touch screen and just 'flip' through your collection... it works SMOOTHLY!!! it's so smooth doing that... it felt so good doing that.. ahahhaha... if only all electronic devices has that feature.. it's also a full feature iPod.. and basically you can't go wrong with something like the 'finger-action' to work with Cover Flow...

Nice things I like about the iPhone ,
*full screen
*touch screen (i'm in love with the 'finger-action')
*Built-in Safari
*normal view and 'widescreen' view for internet browsing , photos , music and videos..
*iPod features
*the size of the iPhone is just nice..
*solid touch screen

Not so nice things that I found out ... so far..
*typing needs practise..
*the earphones jack is fucked-up.. it's hard to explain.. basically not every earphones/headphones jack can be used.. the port is fitted deeper in the iPhone's body..(Apple's earphone's jack are slim ..)
*slightly on the heavy side

Below are 2 picture of it.. taken with my phone..not much details on the pictures though..


Ke said...

where's that..?

Gregs said...

Ya man! I like doing the "finger action" also! :p

7thlovechild said...

it's in MacAsia.. One Utama.. ahaha.. and.. we do not have any iPhones here... that was our customer's unit..


damnit greg.. you tried it ar?? damn cool right?? ahahha..

Gregs said...

the finger action? not iphone la. something/somewhere else. hehehe.

7thlovechild said...

bitch.. ahahhaha... ohhh.. THATTT 'finger-action' thinggy...ahahha

i'm pretty sure you do like the 'pinching' thinggy too right?? ahahha

howsurmother? said...

iPhone is for faggot..nuff' said

7thlovechild said...

confirm you'll get one wan... i would say 95% of Apple users will use one at least once in their lifetime.. ahahha.. so you're already hooked to the Mac... too bad ar... no matter how hard you try to deny your instincts and feelings towards the iPhone , you'll get one someday... we'll see... if i win , no pussy for 3 months ok?? ahahhaha

Joshua said...

aih.. damn chun rite?? But whats the point if you can't use it as a phone. Thats why I'm waiting.

But you're so luckeh, get to try it out, hands on..

But looks damn big in your hands, wonder how it is in mine then

7thlovechild said...

ahaha.. that was azarul's hand.. i was taking the photos..

the size is not that big actually.. i mean based on what it can do , the size is just nice... all in one dey.. quite cool..