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Monday, July 16, 2007

Point Blanc - Ipod Mali (Video)

I like metal music.. anytime , anyday... but once in a while , I'll check out other music.. and I love my country , Malaysia... so this time around , I'll show you guys this dude by the name of Nicholas Brian Ong aka Point Blanc , formerly of Poetic Ammo fame..

this dude is not too bad... he's a malaysia chinese with a 'slang'... it's hip-hop.. you need to have some kind of slang in your music... and He's rapping about Ipoh.. a town in Malaysia..the video starts off about how he went against his mum's idea of becoming a rapper in KL....then he went on rapping about how he did his hip hop thingy since the beginning... , about everyone else was wearing Airwalks and he's only wearing Bata (super cool...) , something about ipoh's famous chicken rice the song features Malaysian Idol , Jacklyn Victor as well...that's double cool...

and if you check out the outro of the video , he'll start rapping in Cantonese (LMF???).. triple cool... ahahha... I'm loving the outro..talking about KL kids not having enough money to go out lepak!!! I might even buy his album because of the cantonese rapping thing.... :)


KA® said...

have to admit he's real good...

7thlovechild said...

i watched the outro over and over again.. i love that part la... damn attitude.. ahahha.. C.W.A (chinese with attitude..) ahahha.. cool..

Gregs said...

Cun stuffs.

The fact that my hometown is in Ipoh makes this video so relevant to me. I recognize every single place where the video was shot, including the housing area.

He lives in Ipoh Garden East. My family use to have a house there and I lived in Ipoh Garden East from 1985 to 1986.

Oh the fella go to St Michael's Church also.....which is the church I got to in Ipoh. Heh heh heh.

Oh yeaa, the outro was cool.

howsurmother? said...

ya ya... i even know who,when and how they shot this MTV....hehe.

Rajen - 1

Greg - 0


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