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Monday, January 12, 2009

I just watched Dark Knight.. yeah i know.. that's like sooo yesterday..

it's a great film.. but i think Harvey Dent's character has got more dramatic and dark tone compared to The Joker... the pain and hurt that he feels ... he deserves to kill a few people on screen... unlike The Joker who comes into the picture with a 'crash boom bang' style as a villian , Two Face got to his character gradually which is very cool to me.. and the effects on his face , awesomeeeeeeee..... The storyline is a little dull compared to Batman Begins... but this movie has got more action scenes.. and good acting.. both the villians can easily 'tapau' Christian Bale's Batman... ahaha..

it's a great movie , for those who are so much more 'left behind' than me , you should go watch it .... 

* I thought Scarecrow went crazy already wan?? somemore appeared for like just a minute... better no need to put him there... haigh...

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