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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hooked to Viking Defense ... :(

yeah.. i had fun with Birth of Chaos .. now i stop myself from visiting that site.. because i know that i'll get addicted to it again.. i played that game every single night for 2 months... damnit.. at least 30-45 minutes per session... 

but now , i'm hooked to another game.. ahaha.. it's Viking Defense .. it's basically one of those tower defense games.. build towers that can shoot 'bullets / fire / arrow / watever' at incoming enemies that comes in waves... 

the difference between this and the previous games i played , i don't need to make sure i log in every night to 'update' my gameplay ... instead , i just play whenever i want and finish off that  certain level that i choosed.. so i don't realy waste THAT much time... still wasting la.. but at least i can skip a day without playing knowing that my 'rank' is not affected.. ahaks.. 

shoot shoot .. build build .. a bit of strategy here and there.. but that's about it.. in case you're wondering why i'm playing these stupid online games .. it's because my current pc setup can't even play StarCraft II smoothly.. damnit.. still waiting patiently for a bundle of cash to land on my lap and get myself a super-fast  , superb-graphics , massive-memories , terabytes of space PC .... then i can play some 'real' games.. ahaha..

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