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Friday, January 2, 2009

Failed New Year Resolutions..

- Bought a pack of Dunhill 14s... finished before supper... Sebastian gave me a new pack of Dunhill 20s...

- Ate indomee ... regretted before it came.. too late to cancel.. huhu..

- Only went jogging for a day.. didn't even try to workout at home.. 

- Still wide awake at 4.30am..

damnit.. macam mane nih???? ahahah... FAIL man.. haigh.. 

still got chance for me... bring forward for my Birthday resolution this year la ... ahaks.. 

check out this list of Top Ten New Year's Resolutions... how many of your friends are saying the same thing?? ahaha.. how long did they get to keep their resolutions?


Lisa Lee said...

Hehe, so funny the way you write about resolutions. Never mind, achieve, didnt achieve some, there's always another year.

I always make some easy resolutions so I feel good about achieving some of them..


wong said...

So... You are...
1, Trying to cut down cigarette consumption?
2, Keep health?
3, Get more organized?

Don't worry, still got time la...

7thlovechild said...

lisa - always another year ar?? the year just started wor.. long time more.. ahaha...

Wong -
1. i trying to quit..
2. trying to lose weight and get a fit body.. ahaha..
3. i just wanna sleep earlier... and wake up earlier..

yeah.. still got time.. one more year to go mar.. ahaha

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