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Friday, September 5, 2008

Rev. CraigX Rubin and Temple 420 ( The Church that Supports Marijuana)...

i just watched this movie documentary called Super High Me ... and found something very very interesting ... it's basically about America being the land of opportunities ... everything and anything can happen there... that's including setting up a religious organization that focuses on plants...marijuana to be exact... 

here's some excerpts from Temple 420's website..

"Membership cards will work like medical marijuana cards in CA, if a member is ever pulled over with cannabis, anywhere in the nation, they can present their card and show the authorities that they are lawfully in possession of religious marijuana...."

Religious marijuana... crap man... how ridiculous can they get?? and they can actually get out of trouble with that.... i'm pretty sure ALOT of people will misuse this 'medical card'

" we look to the book of Revelation Chapter 22 when it speaks of a plant for the healing of all nations. No other plant on earth more closely resembles the description in this book than the cannabis plant. ..."

Out of 297,326 species of plants available on the planet , cannabis IS the one laaaa... these guys are really something.. and they even managed to 'con' people into joining their cause.. crazy..

and this will only happen in The United States of America...

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