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Friday, September 5, 2008

On the 'Pendatang' statement by the now infamous Datuk Ahmad Ismail

here's some good points pointed by Orang Cina ....

1. Our PM's maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan. Wikipedia

2. Tun Dr Mahathir's father having migrated from the southern state of Kerala. 

3. Mohamed Khir bin Toyo's father Joyo Erodikromo, was an immigrant from Java, Indonesia 

Datuk Ahmad Ismail's speech that he refuses to apologise.. read here..

Tun Dr Mahathir's opinion on recent events... read this first... then this..

This years Merdeka generally sucks ... ahaha... but i had a great time in Melaka... eating of course.. ehehe...


CekikDarah.com said...

this is all politic talk. i just hope nothing bad going to happen.

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7thlovechild said...

how bad can it be??? all that sohai datuk needs to do is to apologise and that's it... everything settled..

but again and again he's saying that he is right and he won't apologise and shit like that..

sebastian said...

oh well, this can go really bad, seriously bad, as this mother fucker still choose to act like a HERO to Malay, things can go really bad.