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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Think I'm Done WIth Ahmad Ismail ... What's More To Talk About Him???

I didn't managed to post anything for the past few days... busy a bit... but i was reading the blogs and news websites on Ahmad Ismail... After reading what people have said and what websites posted... I don't care whether Ahmad Ismail apologize or not anymore... it doesn't matter anymore... because for everyone who opened their eyes recently to how racial politics affects the Malaysian Rakyat , it's a cut that'll never heal... 

"Police are investigating the incident under Section 4 (1) (b) of the Sedition Act 1948 which carries a jail term of up to three years, a RM5,000 fine, or both, upon conviction."... source

* Apparently he's don't even care if ISA comes into the picture... one thing i respect about him... he's got balls... but no brain la.. so in the end , no point also..

Let's hope that this case really gets settled by the Polis Di Raja Malaysia... Let's see how long this case will take and what's the results...

on another note , 

Above are pictures of the UMNO hooligans who actually took down 
Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon's picture off the wall and tore it... see how fucked up they can be?? all of this because Ahmad Ismail with all his 'i didn't do anything wrong attitude' didn't want to apologize.. more stories and comments here...

I damn tired now.. going to sleep la... malas la wanna post about him already... changing topic after this... haigh..


ellyahmad said...

I've been reading your thought for quite a while. What I wanted to write are not related on "I Think I'm Done WIth Ahmad Ismail ... What's More To Talk About Him???". But just to pen out my 2cent.

I always knew Chinese felt "di anak tirikan". That is quite fair. Let say if I were born chinese, I might as well working my ass up for the future Chinese generation in Malaysia. That's totally understandable.

However, I am afraid young Chinese generation forgets what they are fighting for. I believe you totally aware on what happen to Theresa Kok. She's fighting for Chinese, credit for her thou. But, asked for signboard written in chinese and indian, banned azan. This is insane.

If malaysian born chinese go to overseas, I’ll bet you will acknowledge yourself as a MALAYsian. Not as Chinese Malaysian or Malaysian Chinese etc. Therefore, the malay in your 'jati diri' is uneraseable. You were born in Malaysia, that makes you a malaysian. 'Tulisan jawi' is part of malay. It is not related to Islam at all. So, what is so weird having few 'tulisan jawi' in a malay country.

But, there are chinese, indian and etc in malaysia as well. Unfortunately, non malay Malaysians were treated unequally to malay malaysians. That is a non malay malaysian core problem. I adore and respect your strength to fight for your rights. However, please be wise in what you are fighting for. Because, at the end, you are malaysian. Not chinesian or what so ever.

But lately, your writing momentum diverged from fighting for non malay malaysians to fighting in erasing 'kemelayuan' in malaysia. Believe me, you can never ever erase malay from MALAYsia.

But what a young chinese man like you can do is to make sure that your future kids have the same equal right to study (scholarship etc.), work and live equally like malay Malaysians.

Why am I writing to you is because I am afraid that if you keep fighting for wrong reasons, you'll pass your thought to your future kids and banngggggg, huricane is on the way for our future malaysian generation.

I hope that chinese, indian and etc will be treated equally in malaysia in near soon. Because, I always believe that "malay pun datang dari indon, india and thai ma". But at the end, I hope that everyone happily call themself as a MALAYsian, not chinesian or etc.

If there is any malay ever read this thoughtful young man blog please remember this.

"All chinese and indian in malaysia were born in malaysia. That make them malaysian, just like we are. They were not fell down from sky and call themselves as malaysians. Therefore, why not we forget about what ever happen in the past (zaman Tun, Cheng Lok) and treat all malaysians equally. Stop with the bumiputera and non bumiputera things. But, as malaysian, I hope that chinese and indian are aware that malaysia itself simply means MALAY IN ASIA = MALAYSIA. Therefore, you cannot kill the malay identities of malay culture in malaysia. That is what malaysia is all about. About malay in asia. However, since there are other races else that malay in malaysia, they are not supposed to be treated differently because they are Malaysian just like we are. Being non malays malaysian, will not make them less Malaysian.”

I have no idea what are the craps that I am trying to say here. But the bottom line is, please be wise on what you are fighting for. Either to be treated equally or to kill every single identity of "kemelayuan" of malaysia.

I hope, all young chinese or indian fight for their rights for a right reason.

p/s:to kill kemelayuan in malaysia, we should have a new name for MALAYsia.

7thlovechild said...

nice comment there... the longest so far.. ehehe..

anyway , regarding Theresa Kok , i don't see a problem in writing signboards in Chinese and Indian... malaysia has got 3 MAIN races.. as for Jawi to be used as well , i'm ok with that.. that's because there's a majority of Malays here.. as for the 'Azan' thinggy , i've got nothing much to comment ... if she REALLY did ask for the 'Azan' to be banned , then that's a bit too much.. Malaysia is indeed an Islamic country..

I don't think the chinese and indians here are trying to take over the country or anything like that.. but everything from the education system to the business world is a bit fucked up..

we've progressed so much already.. to say that the Malays are still way behind the other races , NOOOOOoo... there's a lot of successful Malays out there now.. alot of seats in universities and jobs around for them too...

i do not advocate hate against the Malays ... but i don't like how the 'people in charge' handle things ... the double-standards..

you know.. like how the journalist gets picked up by ISA and not Ahmad Ismail who started the whole controversy.. The journalist is only doing her job... you can always read about how a straight As non-Malay student can't get into local Unis to study whatever they want.. or business deals only for the 'Bumis'...

what the non-malays want is equal opportunities to do whatever they want in MALAYSIA.. i've asked so many of my Malay friends .. and they also agree with me that it's about time to 'open up' Malaysia to the rest of the races...