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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin - Malays don’t have a conscience...

Raja Petra Kamarudin is truly a man with balls of steel... this pen of his is really mightier and sharper than anything you can imagine (even C4s... ahaks..) ... it's so sharp that even I felt 'sakit hati' for the Malays after reading what he wrote... even when I was younger (primary school days) , i always hear my Islam friends who will always say that they'll surely go to heaven... they just need to 'bertaubat' at the very last breathe ... hmmm.... do read the whole article.. i've hyperlinked it at the bottom...

"The sad thing is, all those involved are Malays who profess the religion of Islam. And some are even from an Islamic political party. They talk about Islam until they foam at the mouth. They say that all Muslims are going to heaven, even bad Muslims who will of course have to serve a short term in hell to pay for their sins before they get transferred to heaven after their ‘sentence’ has been fully served. Good non-Muslims like Mother Teresa, never mind how good they may have been, will all end up in hell because they do not profess the religion of Islam.

Yes, this is the Malay mindset. Do good and you go to heaven. Do bad and you still go to heaven. And if you do bad all your life and repent a day before you die then you will go to heaven. Just make sure you repent at least a day before you die. Then you can escape hell......

As I said, Malays don’t have a conscience. There is no precise word in Malay that means conscience. Anything goes as far as Malays are concerned. Okay, so they commit the sin of fixing Anwar up on sodomy charges and they sell out the voters who voted for them. But these sins can be washed clean by just going to Mekah to pray in front of the Kabah. And if you repeat these sins after your return to Malaysia you can always make another trip to Mekah and repeat the repentance scam in front of the Kabah....."



Royz said...

My friend, what you were told are just bullshits. It is never that easy. You can trick human but you can never trick god.

Firstly, in the religion, all muslims will go to heaven but those who have sin will still go to hell first. After they had served their punishments, only then heaven awaits them.

Secondly, about going to Kaabah and the sins magically washed away. Pls refer to my first para. Its all in god's hand and he knows what really is in your heart.

I guess you haven't heard the horror stories from Mecca. Next time then. Its getting too long. :)

V|vac|ous said...

thanks for this ! Had a good read. I went though the same stuff that my muslim friends were tormenting me when i was in primary saying in a kafir etc n going to hell... its very sad that kids r brainwashed this way and also to bully other kids.

what he said abt do anything they go mekah or pay everything is back to normal is the same thing i have been harping about. Am glad that RPK took the words right out of my mouth.

Which is why i dont belive that Religion can make u a good person better have no religion n dont cheat lie rasuh then hv one and do the same stuff.