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Monday, July 14, 2008

Money (Mircosoft & Icahn) = Power (shareholders) ???


It's true that money IS EVERYTHING!!! You can be the boss .. the leader.. the one who decides based on what you want .. MONEY = POWER ... this is clearly potrayed by the recent Carl Icahn's episode of Microsoft attempt to 'takeover' Yahoo. Icahn is so into selling Yahoo to Microsoft that he's teamed up with the software superpower to 'manipulate' Yahoo's shareholders.

Yahoo said a "take it or leave it" proposal made by Icahn and Microsoft.Microsoft and Icahn gave the Yahoo board less than 24 hours to decide on the offer, which was non-negotiable, according to Yahoo board chairman Roy Bostock. Mindgames by the rich and powerful...

Ahaha... Icahn is also trying to get the Yahoo stockholders to kick Jerry Yang out... hmmm... the battle of the corporate superpowers ... I can't imagine Yahoo without Jerry.. it's like Apple without Steve Jobs.. orthe current Microsoft without Bill Gates.. but that's ok cause the transition was smooth.. with Bill Gates slowly releasing his responsibilities..

So regarding this whole Microsoft/Icahn VS Yahoo/Jerry , we will find out this coming 1st August.. It's exciting isn't??

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