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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nokia's Symbian Foundation out to kick Google's Android's Ass ?? Apple's Ass is on The Line Too!!

A few days after i posted about my take on Google's Android on my previous post , I read about the recent Nokia's USD 410 Million purchase of the remaining 48% of Symbian's share that's not Nokia's...

Nokia pledges to offer free open source applications in the future... Android is doing the same but up till now , the whole project is still being postponed... Apple is currently finishing up on the opening of their App Store... sadly Apple will be selling some of those applications.. which means once Symbian Foundation and Android starts producing something for the mass market , Apple will be forced to offer free applications eventually .. and that is very very good..

All these open source stuff is really interesting.. it's like a huge canvas for developers to create applications for the end users to benefit from...i'm pretty sure that the future phone softwares won't be as boring as what it is now (iPhone's apps are of a different league for now..)

and the idea of these open source materials being so easily available on mobile phones in the future really will change how people use their mobile devices..With Nokia's Symbian Foundation urge to smack everyone from Google's Android to Apple's App Store to Research in Motion's Blackberry to LiMo... it's gonna be a very very interesting industry in the coming years..

Here's a preview of Android

And here's what Apple has done on their app...

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