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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Despicable Act by a Malaysian Policeman - Teenager raped while being held in a police station..

I haven't been reading much of newspapers lately.. so i asked my colleague if there's any interesting news for the past few days.. and i was told about the rape of the 17 year old by the 20+ year old policeman.. isn't this underage sex??

This is just disgusting... and this happened in the police station itself.. there's no words to describe such despicable act... and who is he to threaten her to send her boyfriend to jail.. this is just fucked up.. it just reflects how badly disciplined our policemen are.. raped while being in custody.. it's just so wrong... it's so wrong that the word 'wrong' is not enough to describe it..

That policeman should be punished in public.. have his face printed on the front page of every major publication around.. throw him into jail for a long time.. let him being in the position of being raped in captivity (if that happens ar.. i'm influenced by Edward Norton's American History X here... ) ... anyone has got his picture?? a mugshot perhaps?? send it to me k..

Guess what i've got from here....

"It is learnt that the corporal, who is married, is a father of one and has had previous disciplinary offences, but was let off the hook because of his father-in-law's influence."

Ahaaaa.... Another case of Malaysia Boleh...

and here's an old case from 2002 .. reported by BBC...

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