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Thursday, December 20, 2007

iPhone/iPod Touch app that controls DigiDesign's Pro Tools.. how cool is that..

Alex le Lievre created the best 3rd party app for the iPhone/iPod Touch so far.. it's not a lame game which require you to utilize the gyroscope or some pointless app that does nothing except waste your time showing off the touch screen...

what Alex le Lievre did was ... he wrote an app that could control Pro Tools using the Wi-Fi network.. it's freaking cool... imagine you're all alone setting up the drums for a recording session and you'll need to go back and forth 20-50 times just to get the kick and snare to sound right... with this , you can basically control the levels from the drum room itself (monitor using a headphone of course..)

this is definitely the most impressive piece of 3rd party app for the iPhone/iPod Touch so far... check out the video below...

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