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Thursday, December 13, 2007

beautifulagony.com is not a DIRTY site.. or is it??

I found this site from an email subscription from Men's Health (I did not do a Google search on it...i swear.. ) well.. what's interesting is that the whole concept of this site is to give you a hard-on by watching people play with themselves .. and you can't see them naked... you basically can't see anything besides their facial expressions... it's interesting.. but hmmm.. you'll be thinking " what the hell is this about????? "

Well , it is what Nicole Beland of Men's Health's Girl Next Door said that got me interested....

"I just found this Web site that is ridiculously erotic and yet doesn't feature a single nipple, buttcheek, or patch of pubic hair.
It's called beautifulagony.com, and it showcases videos of men's and women's faces as they masturbate and moan, grimace, sweat, pant, and scream their way toward very genuine orgasms.
Even though you can't see what the beautiful young things are doing with their hands, it's easy to fill in the picture with your imagination. Not that you even really need to — the flushed skin, open mouths, upper lips beaded with sweat, shoulders shaking, and heads falling hypnotically from side to side are some of the sexiest things I've seen in a long time.
And it's really nice to see how differently they all do it, from slow and lazy to fast and frenetic."

now.. does it sound interesting?? ahahhaa... here's the link... Beautiful Agony ... oh yeah.. just like any other porn sites , you need to subscribe to be a member before you can actually view the videos... which I didn't subscribe of course.. because that will be very naughty of me.. ahaha.

*Rajen!! enjoy!!!!

There's even guys!!! ahahaha..weird...

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