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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lamb of God - Wrath ..... - near perfection..

my heart is still pumping faster than usual.. and it's almost 30 minutes after i started playing one of their new song.. Dead Seeds .. unfortunately my player is on 'random' .. so it started off there..

damn man.. i needed this rush!!! seriously i almost forgot how it felt to feel so alive!! .. it's like my passion caught on a fire so massive that nothing else matters at this moment..

i'm currently listening to Lamb of God's new album , Wrath ,... fuhhhhhhhhhh... it's good.. it's damn good..

the hooks and technical riffings .. more shreddings .. Randy's uplifting vocals.. Chris Adler's superb drummings .. loving every song i've heard so far.. i'm at Choke Sermon at the moment.. so far , some songs has got the riff's thats somehow recycled ... but still kicks ass.. Chris has got some new 'blast beat' thing going on .. nice touch...

man.. it's good.. it's so weird that i'm feeling so excited.. ahaha.. my heart's still pumping .. and i don't feel like writing a review for every single song.. so go get it yourself!!!

i think i'm gonna take out my guitar that's not been used for at least 5 months now.. hahhhh...

* i can feel the second coming of Furion Escalada... ahaha.. or maybe not.. :)

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