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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mac+iPod Discovery Week III - Johor Bahru , Here I COME!!!!!!

I'll be leaving to JB when i wake up.. for a week.. i'm basically going for that Mac+iPod Discovery Week III - City Square JB ..... a week without my PC .. damnit.. i'm gonna miss EZTV ... gonna miss a few episodes of my fav series... gonna miss my yamcha here in TTDI .. ahaha...

at least there's a few people that I know'll be there.. like Jey , Sebastian , Mursi might be going... Way Kiat and Greg might be going there for the weekend.. hmmmm..

I hope JB will be interesting enough to spend my nights after work.. 

* to my readers , look me up when i'm down there (i'm working there)  ....... :)

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