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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pulau Ketam 29th November 2008

Me , Dinesh , Barney Liew and Greg went to Pulau Ketam last weekend... i kena conned by Barney ... he said that there'll be fishermans and alot of activities around.. so it'll be great to take pictures...

woke up damn early... they had to wake me up.. ahaha.. then took about 30 minutes to drive to Klang... then from the jetty , 30 minutes to the Pulau... then we walked like about an hour?? which is in front of people's houses... then makan lunch... which is not that great la... the lala and 'hor chien' was good.. the sweet & sour crab sucks... (i went to Pangkor Curry Fish Head the same night and had steam crab with Ong... superb crab!!! ) ... then 30 minutes for the ferry ride back to Klang.. then 30 minutes back home...

ahaha...yeah i know this post is not much of a 'review' of the trip.. .. anyway , i had fun.. took some pictures... i wished that there's more 'exotic' creatures for me to take photos of.. other than that , it's a fun trip... will definitely go there again..
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