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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009???? damn fast wei.. i'll try to forget 2008...

tomorrow's 2009 already ... it's just too fast.. ahaha..

let's see.. 2008 was a bad year for me.. career wise la... the first half , previous company had some problems.. 'took over' by another company... it was good till I wanted to set up my own shit... which took almost 2 years to plan.. got 'fired' from my job.. ahaha.. jobless for the next 3-4 months.. used most of my 'hard-earned' money... got attached with a new job in a whole different industry ( but I still consider sales as an industry in its own.. so technically i'm still in the same industry....i'm trying real hard not to care about what other people says.. huhu..)

Previous bosses and business owners that knows me , has been asking me to work for them... but i thought of not doing the same shit that i've been doing for the past 3-5 years.. (which i'm not sure whether i'll regret or not... huhuhu...) so i 'declined' most of them.. some of their offers are still lingering in my head.. and that confuses me for this whole December.. damnit!!!

but I think i've decided ... i'll stay on with my current job.. because i can see the potential in it..( I still don't care about what other people has to say...) well... 2009 , i hope it's be a better year for me... career-wise of course... and i've been hoping for that year in , year out ... HAH!!!

relationship , I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND.. ehehe... i've got nothing to complain .. nothing at all.. even if i had any , i won't be bitching it here..  ahaha.. Muackz to my girlfriend.. :)


rajenmantaboy said...

fucker..only love GF...frens leh?

7thlovechild said...

yeah... friends too laa... love all my friends!!!!!!

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