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Monday, December 8, 2008

do people change?

i've just got a simple yet complicated question ....

Do you believe that a person can change?? in terms of character , attitude and how they lead their life... 

Will people ever learn from their mistakes? mainly in the context of being in a relationship... hmmmmm....


Anonymous said...

I am a disbeliever of the concept of non-change so yes, I believe people do change.

They change when expectations keep disappointing them.

They change when they learn that different attitudes give them more of what they want or less of what they don't want.

They change after a personal tragedy hits them.

They change when they win a million dollar lottery.

They change when they discover that they cannot control the world, as babies do when they grow up.

rajenmantaboy said...

ppl do change.... physically..
i.e - fat to thin , thin to fat...fat to fatter and short to long and long to longer or short to shorter..?

so choose ur pick man... :)

7thlovechild said...

damien - yeah... but sometimes , even after major 'happenings' happened in their lives , they still won't change..

rajen - character laaa.. not physical..