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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Made in Malaysia!!!!

The music is composed by the local Malaysian band , Pop Shuvit.... the video is done by some Swedish people.... nice video... has a very international standard feel... but seriously lack of the band's presence in the video... overall , the music's good... real good... simple and nice... an attitude song... dark and angry... with's John Nervewreck's backing vocals...



Gregs said...

Scandinavian chics has always amaze me. That's why when I fly to or back from KL I always like to take Malaysian Airlines because they stop in Stockholm, Sweden. The airport staff are all hot blond chics with their sexy sounding english tinge with Scandinavian accents.

howsurmother? said...

yeah..same here..when i take bus to penang or something..i make sure they pitstop/transfer at taiping..cuz all the dumb blondes there speaks broken english..sooooooo cute!!!