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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polis Ku - Memalukan Ku - 10 year old suspected of theft - Tortured for 10 hours

This is just sad , stupid , ridiculous , and shameful to the police force... you let me know if you feels the same.. hahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

"Nagarajan said his son was handcuffed to his back and police choked him, hung him upside down during interrogation.

Logeswaran was also threatened and terrorised with a parang and a gun held by policemen if he did not admit stealing the teacher's belongings. His legs were also bound and had his head banged against the wall, resulting in large swell on the back of his head.

He also alleged police attempted to burn his private parts with a lighted plastic covering..... "


What Lowyat.net forumers has got to say...

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Anonymous said...

the damn bastards that did that to him were probably malay! bastards! thats the mentality they get praying to muhamads ass! Sick! than again this is humanity! *sigh

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