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Monday, May 26, 2008

Soilwork !!! Love them... hated the wait...

Here's my 2cents for Soilwork's Live in KL yesterday.. besides getting bruises all over my body and a head-butting experience THANKS TO NIEUKEY , ... it was awesomeeeeeeee...

Let's start from the beginning ,I picked Dinesh , Mursi and Wan Fong up and we reached around 5.45 i think and got in to the open parking somewhere near Ruums.. and it's only rm 3.. very affordable.. as we were walking out of the car park , the entrance fee was hiked up to RM6.. ahaha.. another 'con artist' is the chinese lady at the convenience store below Ruums.. my friends who bought a bottle of mineral water before me , they got it for RM2.. 15 minutes later when i went in to get one , it's RM3.. bloody hell.. kena con by same race somemore.. haigh...

About half an hour of pointless-cock-talking among ourselves , Soilwork came in a minivan.. as they came down , first thing that i notices is how bloody big-sized they were.. they went straight to the top without saying anything much.. cool buggers..

Anyway , we were growing impatient over the 2 hours of waiting for the gig to start.. damnit.. tickets said 5 oclock.. 8 pm also havent start.. and there will be like 6 other local bands that'll be opening for Soilwork..

At last they let us in.. we grabbed a nice spot somewhere near the bar.. nice view even if we don't feel like moshing..

The first band , Damokis played.. grindcore?? it was alright.. the overall sound sucks.. can't hear much of the kick drum.. second band , Love Me Butch.. superb band.. sounds good.. one of my favourite band locally.. Next up , Cassandra.. great hardcore/metal/deathcore stuff.. scary vocalist.. it's like looking at Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan's singing.. what i mean is the Cass is buffed.. right after that Inkarnation rocked everyone that night.. nicelydone melodic death stuff.. and the crowd's favourite Koffin Kanser , almost kicked everyone's asses if not for their stale-style of Soulfly-ish music.. Justin was once again invited to play percussions.. the only non-dreadlocked member is Bakry(drummer) .. nice and tight set.. and Sil Khannaz started their set with the vocalist squelling 'Let's die motherfuckerrrrrrrrssss' .. or something like that... abit too old school for my taste.. but their guitarists are good.. and nice caparison guitar...ok.. that's all for the opening bands.. oh yeah.. the opening bands took like 2 hours to finish up..

before i forget , both the MCs for that night sucks big time.. i think i head someone shouted to the mic 'you fucking suck you fucking hobbit!!' ... and wild chants of 'You Suck!!' from the crowd.. the girl MC totally sucks.. she should stop coming up to the stage.. that dude is ok laaaaaa.. nice vocal growls.. at least he managed to make the crowd hyped up a little bit before Soilwork starts..

Then Soilwork played.. superb sound... superb vocals.. nice moshpit.. i can't remmeber how many songs they played.. very very supportive fans as well.. especially when i think almost everyone sang to all their chorus-sing-alongs ... very tight and professional set.. when they started, i decided to join in the 500-odd crowd in the middle.. it's always refreshing to mix around with all the sweaty , long haired , goateed people in the mosh pit.. this is when somehow Nieukey head-butted me straight on my forehead.. ahaha.. damnit.. i thought i had a concussion right there and then... i actually went back to the table after ten minutes of strange headache.. ahaha.. i''m too old for these shit i guess.. damnit..

I dunno what else to write.. emm.. i'll upload some of the pictures taken in one of my next post.. stay tuned..