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Friday, February 29, 2008

Apple's Latest MacBook and MacBook Pro's Price in Malaysia

Apple's MacBook ProApple's MacBook

New Mac Book
MB402ZP/A @ RM3,899
MB403ZP/A @ RM4,599
MB404ZP/A @ RM5,299

New MacBook Pro
MB133ZP/A @ RM6,999
MB134ZP/A @ RM8,699
MB166ZP/A @ RM9,699

Old Mac Book (End of life)
MB061ZP/B @ RM3,599
MB062ZP/B @ RM3,999
MB063ZP/B @ RM4,299

Old MacBook Pro (End of life)
MA895ZP/A @ RM5,799
MA896ZP/A @ RM6,499
MA897ZP/A @ RM8,799

Apple's MacBook Air - RM 6299 !!!

iPod Shuffle 1GB - RM189 (damn good price dey!!!)

*enquiries : jason@maccity.com.my

More pictures and review soon... very soon...i'm now testing the MacBook Air's awesomeness!!


Anonymous said...

MacBook Pro
new macbook pro
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mike said...

hey, MacBook Pro up for sale!
anyone interested?

2.4 Ghz
15-inch wide display
2 Ghz RAM

Duncan McDuncan said...

hi there, i'm trying to look for a MacBook Pro. Any to intro?

please drop me a line at duncanyipgh@gmail.com if there's any good offer ok?

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