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Monday, November 26, 2007

People are no longer afraid of the government....

i think 2007 is a year where the 'rakyat' really gave the government headaches and this year is where alot of political 'agendas' crept out of the closets... with things going on like the malaysian cyberspace thinggy where bloggers blog about political problems here and there...which ended up getting a few bloggers caught... then recently with the rally (Bersih , Hindraf) ... even the 'Lingam' case is a problem for the government.. and of course not forgetting the bombing of the Mongolian , Altantuya , i can't remember the rest of this year's events ...

but things are definitely 'shaky' for the government.. there's alot to be said and done to the public ... Election is around the corner... alot of people are ready to vote now... :)

people are no longer afraid of the government .... hmmm... time to watch V for Vendetta again... yeah..

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zewt said...

i think it is still a far cry to say that ppl are no longer afraid of the govt, i am sure plenty still are.

one thing though... this fear is driven by one's concern of one's welfare.