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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kekecohan di UPM...

If you don't know what happened , it's mainly about a student's belonging got confiscated because he was suspected to be involved in some 'politics' by distributing some flyers found in his room... since they couldn't find other 'evidence' , they took his laptop because they suspect that there're other 'information' in it... hmmmmmmm

this is actually the first video posted up on youtube... this video depicts how determined the students were in requesting a formal letter from the 'guards' who took the laptops .... all they needed is a simple formal letter saying that they have confiscated the student's laptop.. that's all... but then , you know la.... haigh..

some other videos i find interesting... it's so interesting because I find that alot of those in the video are like sohais who just got off the zoo... i'm not sure what it's about.. so I'm not gonna speculate anything... think for yourself... :)

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V|vac|ous said...

oooo follow up from my post but really i think he has a point about if you take peoples stuff you have to follow procedures. i mean this is a joke ler if it happened in any part of the world. u r in uni and ADULT you can have anything you want to on YOUR laptop. as if other people got nothing on their laptop. seriously we need to stop treating people like KIDS !!!!!