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Sunday, June 26, 2011

- You -

- You -

You proved to me how beautiful love can be
It can be weird at times that I'm actually believing it
I can taste the beauty on my lips
and the sweetness of it in my mouth
This experience just seems so surreal
Like a dream that continues to be true

Who would have known that you're the one
That my heart have been searching for
You filled the void , replaced the emptiness
Brought me joy and endless serenity
Mended my broken hollow heart
Filled it with such honest passion

I believe in what I can only see
I trust in what my instinct tells me
It's telling me not to let you go
Not to let you fade away from my inside
I didn't need to know what it tells me
For I already felt you growing patiently

Little by little , day by day
A bigger piece of you stays in me
I don't need you to prove
I can see your acts of affections
It drowns me , yet it gives me life
It is you that kept my love alive..

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