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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work Hard, Play Harder

lately there's one quote that keeps repeating itself in my mind... Work Hard, Play Harder ... Initially it was a godsend, meaning that I get to work my ass off doing some I didnt expect doing 2 years ago... And play hard every night whenever someone asks me to go for drinks... Most nights i'll come home drunk. Not something that i'm proud of but i somehow felt that I needed it.

Is it worth it? At this point I'm not sure... At some point i felt like I'm overworked... But at times I felt that I didnt contribute enough... Maybe it's because of me wanting the experience that I'm hungry to seek and at the same time I do not have the necessary skills in doing my job well ...

all i know is that, the more i see the people around me, the more i feel that I've not lived enough... Some inspires me to live my life... Some creates the fear of becoming like them... Souless and binded to this wretched thing called WORK.

So, if you ask me, life has always been a roller coaster ride for me... And as a passenger in this unpredictable ride, I'm sometimes showered with good times that i would love to repeat.. But also damned with the curse of not knowing what to do next...

As I always say, if life is a straight line without the ups and downs, where's the fun in it all???

there's a chinese proverb which goes something like this 'take the next step as and when you see one' ... Ponder upon that....

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