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Friday, January 15, 2010

What a Friday

So my flight got delayed not by 2 hours but freaking 5+ hours
From Tawau to KL ... Didn't get much sleep on the plane ....

Kesian my bro who waited for about 2 hours for me at the airport ( not my fault ... He came early ) ... And he's got to work at 8am ...

And since I didn't get a chance to grab dinner , we went over to McD @ Center Point to grab a bite ... And reached home about 4am

And since my bro need to work , I volunteered to pick up my sister from KL Central at 6am ... And im here still waiting ... Fuckkng sleepy ... Almost 24 hours awake ...

@KL Central

Arghhh .. Can't wait till I can sleep on my own bed ... It's been 5 days :(

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