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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nine Inch Nails - Closer - Covered by Richard Cheese and Jane Distortion

First up , Richard Cheese .. with his version of 'lounge-y / swingy ' style of music... which i kindda hate.. it butchered the song.. it sounds happy.. and it makes people smile... NIN doesnt make people smile... period.

Next , Jane Distortion... I haven't heard of them before but this is a pretty good acoustic cover. I kindda like this one... its moody .. it suits the female vocals idea.. thought the original has more depth and emotion , this one is alright..

I found another cover by Maroon 5 .. which I will not post it up here because it totally sucks big time.. bands like Maroon 5 shouldn't cover 'epic' musicians like NIN.. they should just play their original stuff...

and here's the original... a video which suits the song very much... in a disturbed kindda way... love it... !!

Enjoy your week!!!

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