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Friday, January 11, 2008

Macworld 2008 - There's Something In The Air

It's here again. Macworld.. the event that everyone is waiting for.. alot of people has been holding off their urge to splurge their money on a new Apple product lately.. that's because they know that Apple will be announcing some new products during Macworld.. 

there's alot of rumours going about lately regarding this.. but the more solid rumors will be the new line of laptop which won't replace the MacBook or MacBook Pro but a totally new line-up... rumors includes features like a much bigger trackpad compared to the current one... a flash-based harddisk (how cool is that - but capacity will definitely be compromised) .... no optical drive (external options).. the lightest laptop..  of late , there's also some hu-ha about a tablet.. so imagine a laptop with ipod touch/iPhone's touch screen capabilities (super cool!!) 

but since Apple indicates that there'll be something in the air , i personally think that it could be a new upgrade for wireless products... maybe a new AppleTV , or a new iPod classic/nano with built-in Wi-Fi which enables you to share music wirelessly or stream music from any iTunes connected to the network (that should be quite cool).. i think Microsoft's Zune has got that feature.. but the difference is , Zune is a TOTAL FAILURE..  ahahha

anyway , alot of us are equally excited about Macworld 2008.. only days away from THE event... 14-18th Jan... 

*pictures are taken from various sources as the watermark indicates.. 

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