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Thursday, May 31, 2007

30th May 2007 - Opel Manta... Part 1

Since Rajen have not posted anything on the Manta , I'll post something up for you guys to read..

30th May 2007 , 6.30am..... Rajen called me 14 times on my handphone to wake me up. I got up at the 15th time... my lights are still on , my phone is next to my PC... still charging... sorry rajen , the phone too far , can't hear you calling...

He's behind my house , outside my window , smoking... I was damn blur.. i rushed to the toilet and got myself ready in record time... meet Rajen outside my house... he's waiting at the end of the road.. the sky is still bloody dark... cold air blowing all around me... damnit.. this is the first time i got up so early this year..

We went over to Yong Len for breakfast... it's about 6.45am... I'm suprised it's open.. but the only shop which is ready to serve us is the Yong Tau Foo shop... so we had a quick breakfast and head on to the bus-stop... waited for a bus to Kota Raya ...

* i think this post will be a long one... read on if you want to..

After years of not using our 'efficient' public transport , we managed to get on the correct bus to Kota Raya..
-> RM 2... damnit.. it's expensive.. i remember taking the Intrakota to Kota Raya for 80 cents??

We reached Kota Raya about 7.30am.. walked all the way to Pudu Station (not that far).. along the way , there's like a dozen ticket-pusher preying on us like vultures... asking us to buy tickets from them.. scary wei... we declined their offers.. Rajen got us tickets from one of the counters in Pudu ... just in time for the 8 am bus... They are quite good... we left the station at 8am sharp.. The bus stopped at Bidor and Tapah before dropping us at Kampar.. i slept in the bus most of the time...

-> This is how the bus looks like... not bad laaa... not that comfortable to sleep in but what the hell la..

we reached Kampar about 11am...

**damnit... this journey is too long to write in 1 post... I'll stop here for now... it's already 4am.. i need to work tomorrow.. so i'll continue tomorrow... sorry guys..

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